Reach Your Highest Potential
With a Successful Franchise Opportunity

Herschel Forester

Franchise Owner: Dallas, TX

“In January of 2010, Forester Pool Service became a conversion franchisee of America’s Swimming Pool Co. based in Macon, Georgia. I have been asked many times “Why did you do that Herschel.” The answer is:

The company had hit a plateau in revenues for three years in a row. It was time for some new ideas and objective input from someone who was sharp and experienced in the pool business.

I have wished for years for a partner-like relationship with a smart and hard worker. Sometimes running the business alone felt like something valuable was missing.

After these thoughts had occupied my mind for some time, I received a letter from Stewart Vernon, Founder and CEO of ASP Franchising. He was fishing for a franchisee. After much thought and prayer, I decided to join up with ASP. We went to work immediately on what Stewart saw as glaring weak spots.

What I have received by being an ASP franchisee has been treasured.

My financial books are much better and more accurate. I have learned how important it is to know my business well from a numbers standpoint.

I am a part of a national brand. The name recognition around the country and in Texas continues to grow. Our logo and our processes for running a profitable pool service company are proving successful.

I have assistance from a dedicated staff in Macon. I receive help on my website, social media, SEO, and marketing decisions. I can consult by phone on a regular basis with a very competent individual to talk over any issues dealing with the company. If I have legal concerns, there is a lawyer available for guidance (but ultimately if legal services are needed, I will go to a local lawyer here in Dallas).

We have benefited from ASP Franchising concerning manufacturers and suppliers.

I have the opportunity to talk with other successful franchise owners, and since we are not in each other's market, we can freely divulge our best practices and try to help each other. As each franchise prospers, ASP as a whole will prosper. We have friendly competition among the owners, and that has helped ASP Dallas do our best.

Finally, my psychological approach to business has been raised to a new level. Just being a part of ASP and knowing that I have support available has helped me reach out and try new things. And we certainly have broken out of that three-year plateau. At the end of this year, we will have doubled our yearly revenue compared to that revenue on which we had been stuck four years ago.

My plan for ASP Dallas is to continue to grow our customer base and increase our quality of service in all areas. Our company will be a great place to work for the following reasons:

  • Our team members will be well compensated.
  • Our team members will be well trained.
  • We will provide a career path for those who want to make a career in the pool service industry.
  • We will support each team member in our efforts to deliver resort level quality service every day.
  • As the company’s net profit increases, our team members will be rewarded through increased bonus payouts.
  • We will have a positive, encouraging, friendly company culture to work in.