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Indoor Pools: The Impossible Dream?

April 29, 2015

I remember as a kid watching the classic movie, “Annie,” and thinking how lucky she was—not to be living with a billionaire or to be adopted, but that she got to go to a house that had an indoor swimming pool. At that point in my life indoor pools were unheard of unless it was in a hotel, but to be in someone’s house? That was a thought that made me a bit jealous-especially in those hot summer months.

Fast forward to today where indoor pools are not as uncommon—not just in hotels, but in residences as well. And, no longer do you have to be a billionaire to afford them! If you have ever considered entering the swimming pool industry, don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Swimming pools are pretty common these days, indoor ones included.

ASP, America’s Swimming Pool Company, offers an indoor pool franchise opportunity. By partnering with ASP, you would receive training on the ins and outs of running a successful and proven turnkey franchising system. You would learn everything you ever wanted to know about pools, and then some. With this indoor pool franchise business, you would be able to help others make their dream of an indoor pool at home come true! Plus, you would be able to market to hotels and other commercial businesses about the opportunity of installing an indoor pool at their place of business. The opportunities are endless!

Indoor pools may have been a novelty in days past, but it doesn’t have to be that way any longer. If you are an entrepreneur minded person that is looking for a new opportunity in your life, contact ASP to discuss how this opportunity can help you make the indoor pool an impossible dream no longer!

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