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How Do Turnkey Franchises Really Work?

May 28, 2015

According to, the definition of a turn key business is literally an operation set up so that a buyer can “turn the key” and be up and running. The business has already been proven to be successful, and merely requires investment capital and labor.

ASP is a true turnkey business. Our pool franchise model has proven successful for 10 years now and continues to attract new buyers. Franchise owners come from a variety of backgrounds and educations and are drawn to ASP for its commitment to service in the industry. The ability to turn the key and get started is what attracts many buyers to franchising.

ASP pool franchise owners have access to cutting edge technology to make their jobs simpler and more profitable. Franchise owners in the ASP family also enjoy access to an automated mobile platform that allows them to schedule, route and report from any location. We also keep open communication with our customers by sending out a personalized email that contains testing results and chemical levels along with a picture of their pool. This helps increase our customer loyalty.

As if those benefits are not enough, with an ASP pool franchise, you also receive access to systems unique to the ASP brand including our pricing models, marketing materials and customer retention programs.

We’ve been in the franchise business for ten years now and have learned a lot along the way. We are honored to be known as America’s number one swimming pool company and listed among the best franchise list for several years running. We are excited about how far the company has come, and even more excited to watch it grow over the next ten years!

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