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How an Entrepreneur Is Starting a Pool Business in Frisco, Texas

October 11, 2019

Starting your own business is many people’s ideal of the American Dream. When referring to the highly sought after American Dream, considered the equal opportunity for anyone to reach their highest goals and aspirations, it is common to think of starting a business. Being your own boss has its perks. It also has its stresses. In order to eliminate those stresses, America’s Swimming Pool Company created franchise opportunities for entrepreneurs across the nation. Starting a pool business has never been so successful. ASP franchising takes the unknowns out of starting a business. Joel Davis of Frisco, Texas, is the newest face of America’s Swimming Pool Company.  Davis’s territory in Frisco is also known as the home of the Dallas Cowboys, where the World Headquarters for the all-star football team are located. And like the Cowboys, Davis has picked a winning location with a winning company. 

About ASP Franchise Owner, Joel Davis

Davis was born and raised in Michigan but relocated to Texas in 2005. He married his high school sweetheart in 1990, and they have raised three children together. He and his wife of 29 years have watched the communities of Texas grow and develop into the prosperous neighborhoods they are today. Davis has a career background in telecommunications and engineering as he worked for major carriers like Verizon, Quest, and CenturyLink. He never thought he would be starting a pool business in the future. He says he got tired of “climbing the ladder” and always having a boss. Davis’s family has the entrepreneurial spirit, with his brother as a business owner, and he says he caught the bug as well. Seven years ago, Davis started his own yogurt company, but decided that he “wanted more.” He said he did some soul searching to determine his next business venture. Words that his father uttered to him rang true. Words like “I wish I would have…” Davis said he started working for a competing pool cleaning and maintenance company prior to finding the opportunity with ASP. But one important day, he found America’s Swimming Pool Company. The technological advancements that ASP had to offer hooked Davis immediately. He says he was drawn to ASP because of its appearance, high standards, and PoolOps technology. He said goodbye to the competition and went all-in with ASP, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to have him join our family. Davis says he feels the professional mentors he gets from joining the ASP family will greatly impact him and his success. He feels some of his customer service skills for starting a pool business include relationship building with clients, honesty and integrity, and sticking to core values. 

Why America’s Swimming Pool Company?

It is no secret that America’s Swimming Pool is a successful franchise. After all, it was ranked on the Forbes list of The Top Ten Best Franchises to Buy in 2019. ASP has professional brand name recognition throughout the country for offering excellent price points for superior pool maintenance and service. That is why we continue to offer a pool franchise for sale. A few of the most common services offered by ASP include pool renovations, resurfacing, cleaning, maintenance, repairs, and service. In 2005, the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of ASP, Stewart C. Vernon, created the franchise model. The model has been tested and proven in nearly every state in America, and data shows that franchise owners have a 99% success rate. At ASP, we feel that if you fail, we fail. We set our franchise owners up for success from day one. The investment capital needed to purchase a franchise with ASP is affordable when compared to other swimming pool companies. Our Pool School teaches owners, no matter their professional background, how to be an expert in the pool service industry. Franchise owners will hit the ground running once they start operating in their territories. 

Capital Needed for Starting a Pool Business with ASP

To purchase an ASP franchise, the Midpoint Initial Investment is $126,716. The range drops as low as $108,088, and reaches up to $145,343, depending on the location of the franchise, population and territory size. Below is the itemization of the cost to start a business with ASP:

  • Initial Capital: the initial capital needed to purchase a franchise is $58,000. This covers the average franchise fee of $36,000. However, the franchise fee starts as low as $32,000. The initial capital of $58,000 also includes business outfittings and marketing expenses.  
  • Additional Capital: additional money between $15,000 and $36,000 is also needed within the first few months to cover the territory and population size. 
  • Royalty Fees: royalty Fees are between four and eight percent. The average is 5.5 percent. Royalty fees are based on the success of each franchise. The more successful your franchise, the lower your royalty fee.
  • Marketing: The National Brand Development Fund for marketing requires one percent of the franchise revenue. This makes starting a pool business with ASP, a thriving venture from day one. 
  • Pool Ops: PoolOps Technology, which is America’s Swimming Pool Company’s software system that allows franchise owners to schedule appointments, record data, communicate with customers, and work more effectively, costs $120 per month. There is an additional cost of $20 for each additional vehicle.  
  • Website and Technology: The website and technology fee is $350 per month. 

Training and Education Prior to Starting Business Operations

America’s Swimming Pool Company has the most up to date features for swimming pools located at our company headquarters. It is at our training campus that those who purchased a pool franchise for sale will learn the ins and out of the pool service business. This 12-day training includes business operations like human resources training, accounting and finance, marketing, and advertising. Everything that business owners need in order to run a successful business is taught at Pool School. Prior to starting a pool business, entrepreneurs have the opportunity to meet with the executives at ASP headquarters. Many of these executives were once pool franchise owners themselves and know the daily tasks and challenges that franchise owners will encounter. They can tell you from first-hand experience what your life as a business owner with ASP will be like once you are operating in the field. You can also discuss financials with our executive team. America’s Swimming Pool Company is proud to offer veterans a 15% discount off the franchise fee. Once our business owners have committed to purchasing a franchise, they attend Pool School at our 20,000 square foot training campus. The facility has a warehouse with equipment and products, 12 fully functional display pools, a classroom, break room, and two outdoor swimming pools. Brad Cole, who owns the Montgomery, Alabama ASP franchise, said the following about his training at Pool School, “ ASP has prepared the foundation to starting a pool business. The education I received at Pool School gave me the confidence I needed since I began knowing nothing about swimming pools. I am now an expert at swimming pool maintenance and repair.”

ASP Support 

Graduating from Pool School is not the end of the road for franchise owners and corporate headquarters. The relationship and support live on. During the first three months of operating your pool business with ASP, franchise owners will be provided with a mentor. This mentor will be available to you to answer any questions and offer help and support. ASP also hosts annual franchise meetings where owners can learn from each other’s experiences to grow and develop even better business practices. Regional round-table meetings help franchise owners connect and grow their businesses with those in nearby areas. Franchise owners also receive ongoing onsite technical support, peer review sessions, and assistance from our dedicated marketing and public relations team after starting a pool business. Clint Rowley, who owns the Mesa, Arizona ASP, said the following about Pool School and the support he receives from ASP headquarters, “I have a background in franchising, and I can tell you that this organization has it together. Their systems are well thought out and detailed. The marketing is effective and easy to use and deploy. The accounting training was top notch and gives the owners all the tools they need to know exactly how healthy their business is, no matter their financial background. The mentoring is detailed and supportive. The technical support crew is as knowledgeable as I have ever seen and has helped me not only diagnose problems but quote jobs right in a client’s backyard.” Other franchise owners have referred to ASP’s support as a “secret weapon.” They are always available to answer questions, from simple bookkeeping to mechanical issues, and even buying-out a competitor. This is something that competing pool maintenance and service companies cannot and do not offer. 

Why You Should Buy an ASP Franchise

Don’t continue living your life wishing you had taken action to get control of your future. It is never too late to be your own boss. Join the rewarding and profitable business venture of America’s Swimming Pool Company. Starting a pool business will allow you to grow a business into a viable asset that can set you up for a thriving future. Contact us today


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