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Purchase a Pool Cleaning Business for Sale in Memphis, Tennessee

America’s Swimming Pool Company is the number one pool cleaning franchise in the nation and it currently has a pool cleaning business for sale in Memphis, Tennessee. The draw to start a business in Memphis is obvious, as it has a pleasant climate, no personal income tax, an attractive cost of living, affordable real estate, and is the place where large companies like FedEx and AutoZone got their starts. From exciting new startups to large company headquarters, Memphis encompasses it all, providing a healthy and robust economy to start a pool franchise with America’s Swimming Pool Company. ASP specializes in pool cleaning, maintenance, repairs, and pool remodels. It is known nationally for providing quality products and services at affordable price points, and our franchisees experience a 99% success rate.

Why Memphis

Best Places reports that Memphis has an average of 218 sunny days, while the national average is 205. Swimming pool season lasts for a minimum of seven months throughout the year, but pool cleaning and maintenance is a year-round job. The high temperatures in July and August reach just above 90 degrees, creating perfect conditions for pool owners to take a dip and for entrepreneurs to purchase a pool cleaning business for sale. Tennessee is one of nine states in America that does not tax personal income. The state funds projects for roads and government agencies through sales tax, which is considered to be low when compared to other states. Zillow reports that the median home price in Memphis during 2019 was $86,900. The cost of living in Memphis is affordable and attractive to residents and business owners alike. Forbes Magazine ranked Memphis fourth on its list of “The Happiest Cities to Work in Right Now,” and a study by financial management site, WalletHub, ranked Memphis seventh in the nation for entrepreneurs.

Starting a Business in Memphis

Area Development magazine ranked Tennessee second in the category for “Overall Cost of Doing Business” in 2018. The Memphis Chamber of Commerce provides an advocate for business owners and entrepreneurs to advertise and expand businesses. Joining the Chamber of Commerce in Memphis allows business owners like ASP with a pool cleaning business for sale to get referrals, list job openings for specific talents and skills, and provides exclusive marketing techniques for brands. The Memphis Chamber has a vision “to be globally recognized as a national economic leader with a global impact that fosters an authentic business environment unique to the soul of the city.” America’s Swimming Pool Company shares a similar vision – to be nationally recognized as an industry leader, providing quality pool service at an affordable price. Both share the goal to be recognized on a larger level than just within the community that they develop a business. ASP sets pool franchise owners up for success by establishing a referral network in Memphis that gives the names and addresses of pool owners, whether residential or commercial. ASP’s marketing strategy is made up of search engine optimization online advertising, mailers, business cards, and door hangers, which is proven to assist franchisees in their business success after purchasing a pool cleaning business for sale. Each franchisee is required to have a truck as a work vehicle, and the body of the vehicle will be encased in a truck wrap with the ASP brand name and logo. This also provides for business leads as franchise owners drive from appointment to appointment in their designated areas.

How to Purchase an ASP Franchise

If you are seeking to start your own ASP pool business or looking to convert a pool business that you already own, this is the place to start. America’s Swimming Pool Company has been operating off of a franchise model that has demonstrated itself victorious time and time again since 2005, when ASP founder and Chief Executive Officer, Stewart C. Vernon, created the model. Purchasing an ASP pool cleaning business for sale allows entrepreneurs to start off on the right foot. Starting a business alone does not guarantee success. In fact, it often leads to long hours, expends energy, leaving owners exhausted, and costs a lot of money. At ASP, our cost to own a franchise ranked eighth on Forbes Magazine’s Best Businesses to Buy in 2019 in the Low-Investment Category. Analysts from Frandata found that the midpoint initial investment to purchase a franchise with America’s Swimming Pool Company is $126,716. ASP currently has 310 pool franchise operating units and an impressive 14.62% five-year growth rate. Joining the pool cleaning industry, which is a $15 billion industry, has never been so promising. Below you will see an itemization of the costs to own an ASP franchise:

  • Total Initial Investment: $108,000 – $145,000.
  • Initial Capital Needed When Purchasing a Pool Cleaning Business for Sale: $98,000 which includes the franchise fee. The franchise fee starts at $42,000, though the average is $46,500. This fee is determined by the size and population of the territory. It is also dependant on the number of pools in the area. Business outfittings are also included in the price of $98,000, including a truck wrap. This costs about $13,100. Initial marketing expenses are $22,500 and the Operations Pool Start Up Kits has a price tag of $10,280.
  • Ongoing Fees:
    • Royalty Fee: Ranges between 4% and 8%, with the average being 4.9%.
    • Marketing: 1% pays for the National Brand Development Fund
    • PoolOps: $120 per month pays for our state-of-the-art software program that allows franchise owners to manage their business more efficiently.
    • Website and Technology Fee: $350 per month.
  • Additional Capital within the First Year of Operations: $30,000 of additional money is needed within the first year to cover operating expenses. This includes licensing, insurance, office costs, expenses for attending pool school, additional marketing, and advertising.

Purchasing a pool cleaning business for sale with America’s Swimming Pool Company is affordable, and a majority of the advertising work is set up for you by the expert team at the ASP headquarters. Prior to committing to purchasing a franchise with ASP, potential owners have the opportunity to meet the friendly staff and trainers who will teach them all things pool.

What to Expect at Pool School

New franchise owners are required to attend Pool School, where ASP executives will teach them installations, repairs, remodels, equipment, cleaning processes, marketing, human resources, accounting and finance, and more. Franchisees walk away from Pool School with complete confidence in knowing how to operate a prosperous new pool business. Our philosophy is, if you fail, we fail. That is why we give you every tool you will need in the field of operations to hit the ground running and start building up a clientele. The ASP headquarters located in Macon, Georgia, features a 20,000 square foot highly advanced facility where franchisees attend Pool School. The training campus has twelve functional display pools, a classroom, outdoor swimming pools, and all pool equipment that is used for repairs, remodels, resurfacing, maintenance, and cleaning. Miguel Macias, who bought the Reno, Nevada, ASP pool cleaning business for sale said, “ASP provided me with the best operational support and training I have ever seen in any franchise. ASP has an extensive and thorough operations manual and a proven, successful operations plan. All I have to do it follow it! It can’t get any better than that!” ASP has designed a perfect blueprint for franchisees, and all they need to do is execute that blueprint and success will be abundant. Franchisees will each be assigned a coach and mentor who will work diligently with new owners during the first few months of operations.

Meet the ASP Team

It is no surprise that running a nation-wide successful brand in the pool industry is created and managed by those who have extensive experience in the pool industry and have also worked as operators in the field. Stewart Vernon, the CEO of ASP, manages the operations of the franchise company including public relations, vendor interactions and relations, financial analytics, and strategic organizing and oversight of the ASP staff. Jef Flournoy will become a familiar face to those looking to purchase an ASP pool cleaning business for sale as he is responsible for the development of franchise sales. Jimmie Meece acts as ASP’s Senior Vice President and will greet new franchisees on their first day of Pool School training. He also works closely with his operations team to support franchisees in day to day operations including business planning, budgeting, and QuickBooks support.

Why You Should Purchase the Memphis ASP Pool Cleaning Business for Sale

With support from ASP on your side, there is a guarantee that your new business will thrive. Many of our new franchise owners find that their business is growing so quickly, they need to hire employees to assist them in managing all of their accounts.Dive in head first, contact us today.


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