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How ASP’s Brand Awareness Can Help Your Pool Company Thrive

August 15, 2021

From day one, each ASP – America’s Swimming Pool Company franchisee receives the myriad advantages of being backed by a brand name with widespread name recognition. Offering a robust reputation for delivering excellent and reliable pool service nationwide, ASP is the #1 pool cleaning company in the U.S. for many reasons. The chance to represent our brand within an exclusive territory serves as an excellent business opportunity. Our esteemed position in the pool cleaning industry ensures you will earn immediate attention and respect from your local community.

We are very proud of our trademarked brand name and logo. Building brand awareness is a critical component to growing any business. We have worked tirelessly to create co-marketing strategies that maximize success. With highly visible ASP service vans actively driving around more than 400 U.S. cities and market-tested ads regularly appearing on various media outlets, our marketing campaigns have led to consistent growth.

Don’t miss out on joining our outstanding team! As a new ASP franchisee, you will receive a comprehensive corporate identity package that includes:

  • A thorough ten-week marketing action plan
  • Sales and marketing training
  • Regular digital training webinars and social media support
  • An SEO-optimized, beautiful, localized homepage
  • A digital marketing strategy that uses data to target specific demographics and reliable leads
  • ASP signage, including decals for service vans
  • Creative promotional materials
  • An in-house marketing support team

Call (800) 734-7886 today to learn more about franchising opportunities with ASP – America’s Swimming Pool Company.

The Perks of Becoming an ASP Franchisee

When it comes to attracting new clients, first impressions are pivotal. A well-known brand name can offer much more than a familiar jingle, logo, and/or ad campaign. It can also carry impactful connotations that encourage rosy consumer perceptions and lucrative expectations.

The added allure that comes with belonging to a recognized and respected brand name is critical when it comes to:

  1. Standing out from local pool cleaning competitors – Customers feel comfortable relying on a franchise with a dependable track record and policies. By joining ASP – America’s Swimming Pool Company, you will earn immediate trust from clients who are already well aware of our elite products, services, and standards.
  2. An inherited customer base – A natural excitement manifests whenever a well-known franchise conveniently opens in a new neighborhood, providing access to trusted services. For an emerging pool cleaning company, instant name recognition can be a game-changer – mitigating the financial risks and challenges that come with winning over loyal customers.
  3. Building a network of established referrals – As a national brand name, ASP has vast connections that offer bulk discounts, rebates, and countless cross-marketing benefits. We make it possible for our franchise owners to deliver competitively priced services and products while still achieving significant profit margins.
  4. Inheriting a strategic marketing template that works instantly – We’ve spent a lot of money creating a brand aesthetic and message that is tonally cohesive and effective. You can also personalize our promotional materials to meet location-specific needs. The entire process of integrating with ASP is seamless and straightforward. Our clear guidelines and tools allow you to smoothly add recognizable fonts, color schemes, logos, and images onto your products, vehicle fleet, and storefront.
  5. The upsides of national marketing – At ASP, we provide franchise owners with countless resources to attract local customers. At the same time, we constantly remain busy growing our brand name across the country, which will give an added boost to your business.

Brand Awareness Helps Young Franchise owners Stay Financially Healthy

As an emerging business, the first major challenge is getting the chance to prove your worth. Regardless of how proficient at pool cleaning your team’s operations may be, it can be hard to make a dent in the local market – especially if you lack the capital necessary to launch aggressive marketing campaigns. Offering incentives and running promotional discounts can help. However, these marketing strategies can also hurt your bottom line and attract customers who expect unrealistic price points in the future.

Fortunately, ASP – America’s Swimming Pool Company is here to help. With tried-and-true techniques for attracting existing customers, our cost-effective promotional strategies prove beneficial from day one – allowing you to skip the expensive and challenging trial-and-error stage altogether. For nearly 2 decades, we have been fine-tuning our marketing approach and making our brand name synonymous with a best-in-class customer experience. Our extensive support system and infrastructure are now well established, allowing you to focus on what truly matters – delivering stellar pool cleaning services to every client.

We go above and beyond to help each member of our ASP family succeed! Call (800) 734-7886 today!


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