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America's Swimming Pool Co. Franchisees Offer Elite Services

Treating a pool with high-end services and supplies should not be understated. It is a great selling point to bring up when discussing the price differences between your professional pool cleaning company and amateur options. Providing state-of-the-art tools and knowledgeable technicians is something to stand behind proudly.

As a certified pool cleaning franchisee, your business will be insured, liable, and licensed. These three reasons alone more than justify your rates. Whether you are speaking to homeowners, apartment managers, hotel supervisors, or HOA board members, you have every right to stand by your costs and know your worth. Do not let customers lure you into a bidding war against uncertified and uninsured pool service companies. Instead of lowering your price, confidently educate them on the value of what you are providing.

Unfortunately, some potential customers and pool managers are not concerned about credentials, quality, or insurance. They want to get the cheapest product on the market and will happily hire someone from the internet with a net, a few gallons of chlorine, and a brush. It matters little to them (at least at first) that the pool cleaner lacks the skill and dependability of a proven franchise. This is not the type of customer you want to go chasing after. In most cases, they will quickly learn that amateurs provide subpar services and become grateful to pay a professional company. If not, they are not the customer for you.

The customers you should focus on are pool owners and managers who appreciate a pool company that offers:

  • Liability & insurance
  • Local, state, and municipal licenses
  • Certified workers
  • Best-in-class equipment
  • Stellar workmanship, every time

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The Costs of Servicing Commercial vs. Residential Pools

As a pool cleaning franchisee, it is vital to understand the different costs of servicing commercial pools and residential pools. With more people swimming in public and commercial pools, it is necessary to:

  1. Regularly check on the water’s condition, chemistry, and chemical composition
  2. Maintain the extensive infrastructure, mechanical systems, and equipment

For these two reasons alone, commercial pools are often more expensive to service than residential pools. In some states, local laws mandate commercial pools be monitored and serviced daily. This makes commercial pools a fantastic revenue stream. However, the high expenses involved with frequent service requirements make pool owners eager to pinch pennies.

When interacting with commercial clients, it is always smart to firmly reiterate the long-term benefits of proper cleaning treatments and maintenance. With industry-grade chemicals and professional maintenance, a pool can stay in top condition for an extended period. On the other hand, cutting corners will compromise the pool’s durability and lifespan. Educating commercial clients about the advantages of proper maintenance is essential. By offering commercial pool owners friendly insights on the value of consistent, high-quality cleaning, you will help their pool stay healthy and keep your business steady at the same time.

Another common scenario that you can expect while bidding on pool cleaning contracts involves owners and managers who are not happy with their previous services yet want the same low prices. Once again, as a reputable local franchisee boasting an expert staff, it is crucial to stick to the costs that your services warrant. Instead of compromising your worth, inform the prospective customer about all the benefits they will receive upfront. If attentive and receptive, they will see how your superior pool cleaning services, meticulous attention to water chemistry levels, and commitment to safety and liability will pay off in the long run.

Meeting Local Codes Is Essential & Not Cheap

As a trusted franchise, it is your responsibility to comply with state and local safety codes. Illegally circumventing these compliances is one of the ‘advantages’ that allows amateur pool services to offer cheaper rates. Sometimes, pool managers and owners choose services primarily because they know their pool is not compatible with state or local code. In these situations, it is wise to explicitly notify the owner about the code violations, encourage and offer services to help them meet local regulations, and refuse to service the pool unless they make the necessary modifications. It is also possible to agree to a contract if you have the customer sign a liability waiver that absolves you of legal responsibility for all infractions.

Whatever happens, do not stoop to a bidding war that will make your business liable and your cleaning services financially unfeasible. As a franchisee, setting a fair price and sticking by it is entirely acceptable. That is one of the perks of possessing a brand name that people trust. Your certifications, licenses, experience, and proof of insurance validates your rates and offers clients peace of mind.

For more tips and tricks on successfully running a swimming pool franchise with ASP, contact us online or call (800) 734-7886today!


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