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America's Swimming Pools Impressive Growth in Small Market

Learn from one of our Owners in Shreveport, Louisiana, and see that organic growth is possible even in a smaller market in northern Louisiana

Meet our owner John Bodden, his story is impressive due to not only his tremendous year over year organic growth but also because of what he has achieved in a smaller market. John launched ASP Shreveport in September 2013 and had an exceptional first year. In his first full year of business, ASP Shreveport generated over $420,000 in revenue which is one of our best year-one marks.

Over the next six years, ASP Shreveport showed substantial growth. In 2015, John ended a great year two by hitting $633,000. In 2016, Shreveport finished the year at $791,000. In 2017, John hit the $1 million milestones. In 2018, Shreveport continued its strong growth at $1.25 million. In 2019, John yet again crushed sales to hit $1.47 million.

This past year, ASP Shreveport finished just over $1.8 million, with more than a 20% net profit margin. John’s team is one of the company’s best. In fact, his office manager was recently named ASP Employee of the Year. The ASP Shreveport office operates out of a large warehouse with growth opportunities. There is no doubt ASP Shreveport is the number one pool company.