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Learn About PoolOps® – ASP’s Proprietary Software Platform

September 15, 2021

ASP’s Reliable Online Support System

When you choose ASP – America’s Swimming Pool Company, you will receive cutting-edge digital tools that help streamline daily operations. During our two decades in the pool cleaning industry, we’ve finely tuned our business model to help each ASP franchise location grow and succeed. We give franchise owners direct access to many online support tools and systems, including our state-of-the-art PoolOps®mobile platform.

An industry-leading automated platform, our convenient PoolOps® platform allows ASP franchise owners to digitally manage aspects of their business. With key data and up-to-date metrics stored onto a digital cloud, you will be able to monitor your staff’s progress and track assignments remotely.

The PoolOps® platform is simultaneously available to customers – providing a reliable and consistent form of communication. The automated platform updates in real-time – displaying relevant information regarding the status and condition of a serviced pool. Without little to no effort on your end, PoolOps® will deliver customers essential information and the peace of mind that comes from working with a transparent pool company.

Weekly Digital Reports

When it comes to choosing a pool cleaning franchise, advanced technology can make a significant difference! Being backed by a high-tech franchise like APS is essential in today’s marketplace. When designing PoolOps®, we combined stellar software developers with expert ASP pool professionals to make sure the platform was flawless and ideally tailored to our industry’s unique needs.

Instead of wasting time manually logging data and communicating every detail with clients, PoolOps® streamlines the process. After each visit, the PoolOps® program automatically emails our customers a digital report that includes:

  1. The time the service took place
  2. The exact services our technicians performed
  3. The chemical balance/levels in the pool
  4. The pool products added
  5. Billing information & a digital receipt
  6. A photo of the clean swimming pool

These regular emails have many upsides:

  • Cataloging each service visit
  • Creating an easily accessible backlog of data points for future reference
  • Helping us track seasonal patterns and anomalies in chemical balances to make proactive adjustments
  • Ensuring our technicians stay on task and accountable

In a competitive industry, time is of the essence. With the assistance of automated technologies and systems like PoolOps® keeping customers in the loop, you can focus on other priorities.

Our Turnkey Systems Will Expedite Your Business

At our one-of-a-kind ASP Pool School, we adequately train each franchisee owner and pool technician to operate digital tools and platforms with ease. We also emphasize the importance of continual assistance and education.

That is why all our franchise owners have direct access to:

  • Webinars & monthly updates
  • On-site technical support
  • Virtual tutorials on software updates
  • Ongoing digital training
  • Accounting and bookkeeping support
  • An online catalog of instructional videos & learning programs
  • A digital portal with detailed modules on chemistry and equipment repair
  • Dedicated marketing, social media, and PR assistance
  • Strategic tips on how to optimize ASP’s unrivaled resources

Software as a Safeguard

We understand that pool care is complex. With ASP’s pool specialists and software systems on your side, you will quickly gain confidence and expertise. In moments of uncertainty, our wide array of integrated technologies and in-depth resources can provide immediate access to vital lines of support. We are always ready to clarify any questions you may have – helping you navigate successfully through any obstacle or situation.

PoolOps® serves as one of our most valuable resources for new trainees/hires. With the capacity to calculate precise chemical dosages based on pool sizes and current pH levels, the software program quickly delivers concrete solutions – informing pool specialists of the exact amount of chlorine or bicarb to add to any given pool or spa. Even among seasoned experts, this readily available information can help curb human error. Just as a calculator offers reassurance for mathematicians, PoolOps® offers secondary verification so that you can proceed with 100% certainty.

Feel free to check out a short video tutorial about PoolOps® and its many benefits! For more information about joining the ASP family, call (800) 734-7886 today!


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