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Franchise Territory Success With America’s Swimming Pool Company

Franchising has emerged as a popular avenue for aspiring entrepreneurs, offering a proven business model and the support of an established brand. One such franchise opportunity worth considering is America's Swimming Pool Company. As a top provider of swimming pool maintenance and repair services, we know a thing about supporting up-and-coming business owners.

In the next few paragraphs below, we’ll explore key considerations and things you need to know related to franchise territories. It’s vital to your success as a franchise owner to know what a franchise territory is, the significance of franchise territory protection, how to know if relocating for a franchise is necessary, and how much America’s Swimming Pool Company franchise territories cost.


What is a franchise territory? How are ASP territories created?

A franchise territory refers to the designated area where a franchise owner has the exclusive rights to operate their business. It acts as a protective boundary, preventing other franchisees from encroaching on your customer base within that specific region.

It's important to keep in mind ASP territories are created based on the pool count of an area. This is to make sure there is enough opportunity to be successful. The average franchise territory size varies based on state. For example 10,000 residential pools in California; 6,000 residential pools in Texas, Florida, Arizona, and Nevada; and 3,000 residential pools in all other states, regardless of the population in the franchise territory.


What is franchise territory protection? Does America’s Swimming Pool Company offer protected franchises?

Franchise territory protection ensures that franchisees have a fair chance to establish and grow their business without facing undue competition from fellow franchise owners. It is important to understand the specific terms and conditions regarding franchise territory protection within the franchise agreement before making any commitments.

A great benefit of ASP is that we offer franchise territory protection, thereby giving you the best chance of success without another franchise owner stepping on your toes.


How far is too far when owning a franchise territory? (Do you have to live in your territory?)

When it comes to franchise territories, striking the right balance is crucial. While living within your franchise territory is not mandatory, it is generally beneficial to be near your business. Living nearby allows you to be more accessible to customers, respond quickly to service requests, and build a strong local presence. However, we offer the option of managing territories remotely, especially if the business can be effectively supervised from a distance.


Should you move to start a franchise?

The decision to relocate for a franchise largely depends on various factors, including the nature of the business and your personal circumstances. In the case of America's Swimming Pool Company, moving may not be necessary if you already reside within or near your desired franchise territory.

However, if you are considering a franchise in a different city or state, relocation might be a strategic move to immerse yourself in the local market and establish strong relationships with customers and suppliers. It is crucial to carefully evaluate the potential benefits and challenges of moving before making a decision.


How much does an America’s Swimming Pool Company franchise territory cost? Are there any discounts or franchise fees?

For a better breakdown of costs, please refer to our franchise investment page by clicking here.

To make things simpler for prospective franchise owners, we provide potential franchisees with a breakdown of the investment range for starting an ASP franchise. The investment range takes into account various factors such as franchise fees, training and support, marketing expenses, equipment costs, and initial working capital requirements.

It is important to us that we allow individuals with diverse financial capacities to explore our franchise opportunities and align their investments with their financial capabilities and goals. This approach promotes accessibility and helps potential franchise owners make informed decisions based on their budgets and expected return on investment.

Now that you know everything there is about franchise territories. It’s important to understand why so many franchise owners choose to own an America’s Swimming Pool Company franchise. We have won numerous awards in the industry since 2011, and are positioned as one of the most trustworthy franchise opportunities for swimming pool professionals. When you invest in a franchise territory with us, you not only obtain a recognized brand but all the perks listed below.

ASP franchise owners all gain:

  • A reliable brand reputation that customers can trust.
  • Advanced systems and technology to operate their businesses with ease.
  • Original marketing strategies to attract new customers.
  • Exceptional franchisee support to overcome any business challenge.
  • Full training to become a Certified Pool Operator and gain recognition as an industry expert.

As you can see, franchising with America's Swimming Pool Company offers a promising opportunity for entrepreneurs interested in the pool maintenance and repair industry. By understanding the importance of franchise territories, considering the option of relocation, appreciating the benefits of franchise territory protection, and recognizing the investment you’ll be making, you as a potential franchise can make an informed decision that aligns with your goals and aspirations. With a trusted brand like America’s Swimming Pool Company, it’s simple to tap into our successful business model while receiving ongoing support to thrive in the swimming pool service industry.

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