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Miguel Macias: Inside The Mind of a Franchise Owner

November 1, 2023

At America’s Swimming Pool Company (ASP), we are honored and committed to nurturing and empowering our franchise owners. With a deep-rooted love for collaboration, we foster a sense of community among franchise owners. The ASP management team provides comprehensive industry training and helps equip owners with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in the pool service industry. 

Our franchise owner network takes pride in offering ongoing guidance and readily sharing best practices and innovative strategies that drive potential success. This dedication to continuous improvement extends beyond professional realms, ensuring a robust support system that prioritizes growth, profitability, and overall satisfaction to our owners.

One owner in particular who has leveraged our industry-leading support is Miguel Macias. Miguel is an America’s Swimming Pool Company franchise owner who serves the Reno, NV region. Here he shares his insights of starting an ASP franchise. 

Miguel explains that on his journey of entrepreneurship, ensuring a reliable support system might sound like a paradox, but ASP has mastered the art of balancing independence with unwavering operational assistance. As a former military professional, Miguel was accustomed to executing well-laid plans.  

He found ASP’s operational support and training to be unparalleled in the world of franchising. “This franchise doesn’t just allow me to be my own boss; it equips me with a comprehensive operations manual and a time-tested strategy that simplifies the path,” Miguel said.

In the spirit of mentorship, Miguel describes the process of having a personal business coach, saying, “after my initial training at Pool School, ASP assigned me a coach and mentor. My mentor worked diligently with me during the first twelve weeks, answering all my questions and providing much-needed guidance. We spoke numerous times a week. When I became busier, he was there to guide me through situations I was unsure how to approach. It is great to have this resource available, and we still communicate often!”

Sitting down with Miguel, he states, “truth be told, I did not expect to grow this fast! I had to hire two employees and purchase a second truck to cover all the accounts I had acquired. Even during the busy season, I get phone calls for new accounts. We plan to continue growing! There is a need in Reno for good, reliable pool service and the ASP name is getting passed around with positive reviews! Next year, I plan on hiring two more employees and purchasing a third truck. We will also be focusing on obtaining more commercial accounts.” 

As Miguel suggested, “what are you waiting for? It doesn’t get any better than this! Go ahead, dive in (pun intended), and become an ASP franchise owner!”

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