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Veterans in Franchising: America’s Swimming Pool Company’s Commitment

November 8, 2023

Franchising in the United States is a thriving sector, offering entrepreneurs the opportunity to own and operate their own businesses with the support of ASP. Among our diverse group of franchise owners, veterans hold a special place, making up 1 out of every 7 franchises in the country. This statistic is a testament to the skills and experience veterans bring from their years of service, which often translate seamlessly into successful business ownership. In this blog, we will explore the significance of veterans in franchising and highlight the support America’s Swimming Pool Company provides to veteran franchise owners.

The Veteran Advantage in Franchising:

Transitioning from a career in the military to civilian life can be challenging, but veterans possess unique qualities that make them exceptional franchise owners. Discipline, leadership, teamwork, and problem-solving skills acquired during their service are all transferable to the world of entrepreneurship. Veterans often find solace in the structure and support that a franchise business offers, allowing them to apply their skills in a new and fulfilling way.

One such veteran who successfully made this transition is James King, a former Marine Corps KC-130 pilot. While still on active duty, James began exploring franchise opportunities and eventually discovered America’s Swimming Pool Company (ASP). He saw in ASP the perfect chance to leverage his mechanical skills and become a franchise owner.

James shared his journey, saying, “I wanted an opportunity where I can own my own business while still applying my mechanical skills from being a KC-130 pilot. ASP seemed like the perfect opportunity where I can utilize my skills in the swimming pool industry.” His story highlights how veterans can find their niche in franchising and thrive with the right support.

Supporting Veteran Franchise Owners:

America’s Swimming Pool Company (ASP) understands the unique needs and challenges faced by veterans entering the world of franchising. We are committed to providing comprehensive support to veteran franchise owners. Here’s how ASP supports our veteran franchise owners:

Tools and Resources: ASP equips all franchise owners, including veterans, with the necessary tools and resources needed for growth. This includes access to a robust marketing support team for daily advertising needs, a dedicated business advisor, and a step-by-step learning process to help them hit the ground running in the pool industry.

Franchise Owner Network: ASP fosters a strong sense of community among its franchise owners. Veterans can tap into a network of fellow franchise owners who are always willing to share their experiences and provide assistance, even across different locations. This sense of camaraderie is invaluable, especially for those transitioning from military service.

Veterans Discount: We are a member of the International Franchise Association (“IFA”) and we participate in the IFA’s VetFran® Program, which provides special financial incentives to qualified veterans. Under this program, we reduce the Franchise Fee and any applicable Additional Pool Fee by 30% for all honorably discharged veterans of American and Canadian armed forces.

To qualify for the Veterans Discount, the franchised business must be at least 51% owned by a veteran (i) who is also designated as the Key Person in the Franchise Agreement and (ii) otherwise meets our requirements to purchase a Franchised Business. This discount is for the first franchise only. In determining whether an individual qualifies for the discount, we may be guided by the definitions used by applicable United States or Canadian government offices, but the decision remains ours.

We’d love to help you on your journey! We don’t just consider you as a potential franchise owner but a potential family member.

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