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Indoor Swimming Pools and Physical Therapy

The market for physical therapy products is booming and will continue to grow, as the population advances in age. There is an untapped potential in the indoor swimming pool market for meeting this need. Therapy pools and spas are a growing market trend waiting for greater innovations.

Spas and indoor therapy pools offer several advantages for a unique segment of the population. Smaller in size than the conventional indoor swimming pool, they are often custom-built with special features to meet the needs of the elderly or handicapped. An indoor pool franchise can capitalize on the health benefits of using an indoor therapy pool or spa.

Because these pools are often custom-made, they offer the opportunity for greater specialization and less competition in the market. They also offer a wide-open market for pool maintenance, since maintenance would usually be done by the same company which provided the installation.

Growing Popularity of Swimming Pools Used In Therapy

Water therapy is already highly recommended by the nation’s top physical therapists, and used in conjunction with standard medical treatments. Considering the number of people, aged or not, who suffer daily from muscular aches and tension, as well as more serious illnesses, such as fibromyalgia; there is a real need for water therapy products that can be used in the home. It has been proven that even paraplegics can benefit from the therapy of an indoor swimming pool.

There is a strong emphasis today on personal health. As a result, consumers are willing to spend large amounts of money on exercise equipment, personal gyms, and other devices. Therapy pools fit well into the health-concerned segment of the population. They are also used in nursing homes and assisted livings for patient therapy.

How to Begin Your Own Therapy Pool Business

The perfect place to find opportunities to start an indoor therapy swimming pool business is with an indoor pool franchise. An indoor pool franchise can direct you to the best territories in the country for starting your own business. They can also provide you with marketing advice, materials and training in this specific industry. Because they have a corner on the market which is already established, a large part of the work involved with beginning your own business is previously done for you. An established franchise allows you the convenience of being able to monitor your progress in your fledgling business and compare it with other businesses in the franchise.

Starting a therapy pool business cannot only be a profitable enterprise but can also be a personally rewarding venture. It allows you the opportunity to reach out to millions of people suffering from diverse muscular ailments and offers them a clear solution to their problem.

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