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Why Now Is The Perfect Time To Start Your Pool Service Business With ASP

Americans spend thousands of dollars every year on it. Entire television networks are dedicated to it. An online search for it gets over 2 billion results. Home improvement has been growing in popularity over the last several years. According to a recent report published by researchers at Harvard University, the home remodeling market has grown more than 50 percent since the end of the recession. What does this mean for America’s Swimming Pool Company and its franchises? There is an abundance of opportunity for growth and profits because the market for businesses that provide home updates is so hot.

Rising Demand Meets the Staffing Shortage

The Harvard report, “Improving America’s Housing 2019”, gives insight into the historical trends and current state of the home remodeling market. It states, “…almost 80 percent of the nation’s 137 million homes are now at least 20 years old, and 40 percent are at least 50 years old.” With aging homes come aging pools, and a quality pool service business like ASP can capitalize on the rising demand for pool maintenance, repairs, and refurbishments.

With the construction of new homes slowing down and our existing homes getting older, Americans are updating, remodeling, and renovating their homes more than ever. And while DIY projects are a popular way to try some trendy updates, most homeowners look to the professionals when it comes to larger, more challenging jobs. The demand has grown so much, however, that the labor industry is struggling to keep up with it. The skilled workers who once painted our homes and plastered our pools are retiring. Millennials entering the workforce are more focused on jobs that center around technology. Many of them are unwilling or untrained to work in the service industry.

The Need for Quality Workers

Aqua Magazine recently published an article by Eric Herman called “Limited by Labor,”

in which he explains the staffing shortage and its effects on the pool industry. Spoiler alert: it’s good news if you are looking to buy a pool service business. He says, “The millennial generation, in general, shows little enthusiasm for construction work, population growth is slowing, and the workforce is aging. But mainly, the same force that has ginned up demand for pools is making workers scarce. That force is the roaring economy.

With the economy in high gear, people want to buy more of everything (including pools), but with a limited workforce fully engaged in producing more of everything, there aren’t enough workers to go around.”

Starting a swimming pool franchise with America’s Swimming Pool Company gives entrepreneurs the chance to take advantage of the healthy economy as well as the shortage of pool service providers. Herman refers to Aqua Magazine’s 2019 State of the Industry survey which revealed the biggest challenges for pool builders today. He quotes one survey participant: “There are not enough young people coming in who want to really work hard and learn how to build a pool with quality and care about their work.” Another said, “We could double our business with the right people.”

ASP believes the franchisees who start a pool service business with us are the ‘right people.’ Hard work, superior service, and commitment to their customers are a large part of what makes ASP franchise owners so successful. In fact, ASP franchisees have a 99 percent success rate. America’s Swimming Pool Company provides all the training and support necessary for our business owners to outperform the competition from the very beginning.

Opportunity is Knocking

The labor shortage is drawing attention quickly, as various sectors of the service industry try to keep up with booming demand. Authority Brands is the parent company of ASP as well as six other leading home service franchises. The companies under the Authority Brands umbrella provide home services throughout the U.S., Canada, Latin America, Kenya, and Indonesia with over 1,675 franchise locations. These businesses provide jobs for people with skills in plumbing, cleaning, electricity, and more. All types of trades are in need of skilled workers, including the pool service business, which means that now could be the perfect time to tap into those rising opportunities.

Diving Into the Pool Industry

People love to swim. Whether it’s aquatic aerobics classes at the gym, toddler time at the neighborhood pool, or a relaxing evening in your own backyard, there’s just something we love about being in the water. All the enjoyment to be found in pools has created a 15 billion dollar industry that isn’t going away anytime soon. Every single one of the 10.4 million swimming pools in the U.S. needs to be properly cared for and maintained, but only about half of them utilize a pool cleaning business to do so. The opportunity for growth in the pool industry is tremendous, especially with the shortage of quality pool service providers. Starting a swimming pool franchise with ASP is the best way to take advantage of the perfect conditions present in the market today.

Partner Your Pool Service Business With ASP

ASP is the largest swimming pool service company in the nation, and we have the systems in place to help make our franchise owners successful. Since opening for business in 2002, we have sought to provide unmatched pool services to our customers around the U.S. ASP helps residential and commercial pool owners with all of their pool-related needs, including regular maintenance and cleaning, diagnostics, repairs, pool supplies, refurbishments, and even full renovations. Americans are ready to invest in updates to their homes and pools, so why not partner with the best in the pool business?

Partnering with ASP means business owners get the best of both worlds; they get to benefit from our experience and support without having to share ownership of their business. ASP has been awarded time and time again for our excellence in the pool industry, including the following recognitions:

  • Ranked #8 on Forbes Magazine’s Best Franchises to Buy in 2019 (low investment category)
  • Listed on Franchise 500’s fastest-growing franchises 7 years in a row
  • Top Low-Cost Franchise in 2019 by Franchise Business Review
  • Best Swimming Pool Maintenance Franchise to open in 2019 by Entrepreneur’s Franchise 500®

Starting a pool service business with a well-known and trusted name like America’s Swimming Pool Company puts you ahead of the competition from day one. Find out more about the attention ASP has received for its award-winning franchise success here.

Steps to Success

The path to becoming your own boss is already paved for you with America’s Swimming Pool Company. We have proven business models that allow our franchisees to benefit from how we’ve grown as a company with time and experience. With extensive training and complete ongoing support, ASP is fully invested in our franchise owners. We know that we can only be successful together. For more information on starting a pool franchise with our turnkey system, click here.

Whether you have experience in the swimming pool industry or not, ASP offers the training that will prepare you to build and grow your franchise. Even after you get started operating your pool service business, you will always have access to ASP support. Some of the specific resources we are proud to provide for our franchisees include:

  • Pool School: twelve days of training at corporate headquarters
  • Operational and technical support
  • Franchise and round-table meetings held regularly
  • Public relations and marketing strategies

Learning From Other Franchise Owners

According to a recent survey conducted by Franchise Business Review, America’s Swimming Pool Company has some of the nation’s most satisfied franchise owners. With all the training, resources, and support we provide, we make sure they have all the tools they need to be set up for success. As you pursue your new pool business partnership with us, you will have the opportunity to hear and learn from our experienced franchisees. Their testimonials are proof that ASP can help you achieve your goals for your future. Graham Banks, an ASP pool service business owner in Florida, and winner of both the 2018 President’s Club Award and the 2018 Exceptional Customer Service Award had this to say about his experience:

“ASP is a professional, reliable, and trustworthy organization. Before joining ASP, I looked at tons of different franchise groups and organizations, and none of them made me feel the way ASP does. I know they have my back and will support me and help me in any way they can. What drew me to ASP was the professionalism and the technology, which was something completely new for the profession. I got really excited about understanding how I could use that to change the perception of the pool industry within my community.”

Learn More to Earn More

Do you ever think about becoming your own boss? Do you find satisfaction providing superior services to your customers? Starting a swimming pool franchise with ASP would allow you to achieve these dreams all while earning a high return on your pool service business investment. Click hereto learn more about your high potential for success with America’s Swimming Pool Company.


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