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How an ASP Franchise is a Top Home-Based Business

From online schooling to virtual fitness classes, Americans are learning how to do just about everything from home. Did you know that you can run a successful business from your home as well? According to Franchise Direct, 50 percent of all businesses in the U.S. are based at home. Home-based franchises are a popular way for entrepreneurs to earn a living without having to set up an official brick and mortar location for their business. There are many different types of franchises that allow you to operate out of your home. ASP - America’s Swimming Pool Company - is one of the top home-based business opportunities and provides franchise owners with a proven model for success. The swimming pool service industry is recession-friendly; even in challenging times, consumers still need to properly care for and maintain their pools. With more time at home, families will be retreating to their swimming pools and will provide their local ASP franchise with plenty of business. If you are considering purchasing a home-based franchise, ASP offers a way for you to establish and grow your business without having to worry about maintaining a store or office location. And, you get to do it with convenient access to ASP’s valuable resources and support.

Benefits of Owning a Home-Based Franchise

  • Productivity: More people than ever are working from home now, and the trend may end up being part of the new normal routine for many workers. Technology has simplified the way business can be done, which means you can stay productive even when you don’t leave your house. In fact, a professor at Stanford conducted a study in which he found that worker productivity increased by 13 percent when employees were allowed to work from home. Study participants also had fewer sick days. Getting away from the constant distractions of the workplace can boost your productivity and help you think more clearly. If you have the motivation and drive to work from home, it can be an efficient way to get a lot done.

  • Savings: By operating an ASP franchise from the comfort of your home, you are free from the hassle and expenses of keeping up with a physical storefront or office. Costs such as rent, utilities, cleaning, and fuel for commuting can add up quickly when your workplace is across town. People who operate a business primarily out of their homes save money on all of those bills, and save the time a regular commute would normally take. Many costs of a home office can also be written off as business expenses when you file your taxes. In addition, most franchisors require a lower entry fee and less working capital for owners who are home-based.

  • Flexibility: One of the things people love most about working from home is that it gives them the ability to get things done when it is most convenient for them. Being your own boss provides a great deal of freedom. When you take the office and the commute out of the equation, your workweek becomes even more flexible. You can still expect to meet with your ASP franchise clients during regular business hours, but you will have freedom to do things like bookkeeping and administrative tasks when you best see fit. Whether you need to pick up the kids from school or squeeze in a dental appointment, owning a home-based franchise will allow you to arrange your work schedule in a way that fits your busy life.

Further Considerations

Working from home is an attractive option for people who want a comfortable work/life balance. However, there are some key factors to consider before you decide it’s right for you. Although there is flexibility in your hours working from home, it is still a good idea to stick to a consistent schedule and to prioritize your commitment to the work you are doing. It is also important to be sure your workspace is fully equipped and organized. You should ensure your internet connection is fast and reliable, and that you have a proper location in your home for your office space.

Why Choose an ASP Franchise?

The decision to purchase a home-based business comes easily to many entrepreneurs. However, choosing a specific franchise can take more time and research. America’s Swimming Pool Company has been ranked one of the best home-based franchises by Entrepreneur Magazine and FranchiseRankings. Since its establishment in 2002, ASP has sought to be the number one pool maintenance company in the nation by providing professional service at an affordable price. Today, ASP is recognized as the industry leader because of the franchisees who strive for excellence in everything they do. When you partner with ASP, you get instant advantages over the competition. Your franchise will be backed by the number one brand in the swimming pool service industry, giving your business automatic credibility. If you are looking for a franchise opportunity that will empower you to achieve your dreams of business ownership, ASP could be the right option for you.

ASP franchisees do not need to have an office building, storefront, or warehouse space to operate their pool service business. However, if you do wish to emphasize the sale of products, you may benefit from renting or buying a retail location. Another reason America’s Swimming Pool Company has the best franchises to start is that ASP franchise opportunities are flexible. With a wide range of services including pool cleaning, maintenance, repair, renovation, and remodels, your ASP business can be tailored to the needs of the customers in your area.

Make a Splash in the Pool Industry

There are more than 11 million swimming pools in the U.S., and only about half of them receive maintenance from a pool service company. The $15 billion swimming pool industry has a wide margin for growth, and you could be the next entrepreneur to capitalize on it. According to market research featured on Yahoo Finance, the swimming pool construction industry is expected to grow by more than 4 percent over the next five years. Whether it is commercial or residential, every pool that is built will need regular maintenance and care. Many businesses face losses when the economy slows, but swimming pool service providers enjoy stability even during uncertain times. The hot summer months are right around the corner and Americans are craving fun family activities. ASP franchise pool services are in high demand - now is the perfect time to jump into the recession-friendly swimming pool industry.

Words of Experience

As ASP has expanded to over 400 cities across the country, the company’s franchise owners have demonstrated time and again that the ASP business model works. Ryan Eiland, owner of the ASP location in Destin, Florida, is a prime example of a successful ASP franchisee. He explains how starting his franchise with ASP was a “dream come true” and how it has grown beyond what he thought possible:

“I started this franchise as a backup plan in 2008 while I was working as a Pharmaceutical sales representative for a large corporation. Over the next five years, it has grown beyond my expectations. The transition from being successful with a large corporate entity to being a successful small business with ASP was a dream come true. I never imagined that a pool company would provide me the peace of mind of running a 1+ million-dollar-a-year company rather than being under the stress of a Fortune 500 company.”

As an entrepreneur, Eiland enjoys the flexibility his ASP franchise provides. He explains how America’s Swimming Pool Company has allowed him to pursue the future he desires:

“ASP has provided an excellent work/life balance that I could not get from a large company. ASP has provided me the freedom to pursue my entrepreneurial drive, and you can make this as small as or big as you like. The ability to expand and grow relationships with my community, knowing I have control of my success is what makes ASP a home run. The training, support, technology and customer service ASP teaches sets it up to be far superior to other pool companies. The program that ASP Franchising provides, I can think of no better way to start your own business.”

Learning from experienced franchise owners is a helpful way to get valuable information about a franchise opportunity. Click here to read more testimonials of ASP’s successful franchisees.

Learn More About ASP

A home-based ASP franchise could be just the opportunity you need to set your career on the path to success. America’s Swimming Pool Company has the best franchises to start in one of the few recession-friendly industries. Even if all the swimming pool experience you have is in the form of cannon balls and Marco Polo, ASP will train you to be a pool service expert. All ASP franchisees receive comprehensive training and education, as well as continued resources and support as their businesses grow. If you are interested in a franchise opportunity that is rewarding, fun, and profitable, contact the swimming pool franchise experts at ASP today.


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