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ASP Answers Your Questions On How to Start a Pool Cleaning Business

More than 15 million homes in the United States have swimming pools, and there are an estimated 400,000 more in commercial locations such as apartment complexes, hotels, and gyms. These pools have to be cleaned and maintained regularly, and need renovations every 7 to 9 years. But who takes care of America’s swimming pools? The answer is men and women just like you who had aspirations of owning their own businesses. Operating a pool cleaning company of your own is a great way to enjoy a flexible work-life balance, work in a fresh air environment, and earn a comfortable living. But all of those perks don’t just happen; it takes research, planning, and effort to make the dream a reality. Lucky for you, ASP - America’s Swimming Pool Company - is here to help you achieve your entrepreneurial goals. America’s Swimming Pool Company is the top pool service franchisor in the U.S., and it offers the most comprehensive support and resources to franchise owners. To find out if a pool service franchising opportunity is right for you, read answers to these commonly asked questions about how to start a pool cleaning business with ASP.

What Exactly Does a Pool Maintenance Technician Do?

As the owner of a pool maintenance franchise, you will travel to residential and commercial locations to service swimming pools. At the beginning of the swimming season, you will prepare each pool for its first use. If the pool is empty, this means filling the pool with water and treating it with chemicals, then ensuring the pH balance of the pool is correct. Throughout the swim season, which could be year-round if you live in a warmer climate, you will clean the pool by removing leaves, bugs, and debris, check to make sure the pH balance is correct, and regulate the chemicals, if necessary. However, keeping pools clean is just one way for your franchise to earn income. Pool cleaning represents about 40 percent of ASP’s total revenue.

Other revenue streams for an ASP franchise owner include equipment repair and pool renovations. After you learn how to start a pool cleaning business, a typical workday might consist of fixing leaks, replacing lights, and repairing broken equipment. However, each day on the job could look quite different. The market you work in determines much of what makes up your daily schedule. But, when you have multiple ways to provide service to your customers, there are more opportunities to increase earnings.

What is the Earning Potential for a Pool Service Franchise?

Pool service franchise owners work in a $15 billion industry that provides a steady stream of revenue. With only 40 percent of America’s pools currently utilizing a pool cleaning service, there is plenty of room for growth. Every swimming pool still needs regular maintenance, repairs, supplies, and even renovations. Owners of America’s Swimming Pool Co.’s pool maintenance franchises offer more services than other pool care companies, from the smallest routine jobs to the big remodels. If you decide you want to know how to start a pool cleaning business with ASP, you can learn more about the details and numbers associated with potential earnings when you receive our Franchise Disclosure Document (Item 19).

Why Buy a Franchise Rather Than Open a New Business?

Entrepreneurs who decide to start a business from scratch typically take much longer to launch. Start-up owners have to figure out how to set up their business operations, hire the right staff, spread the word about their services, and resolve issues on their own. On the flipside, buying a franchise from ASP gives your business a boost over other pool care companies in your area. Your ASP franchise will be set to thrive because it will have national credibility, a proven business model, an unrivaled support system, valuable resources, and customer acquisition strategies. Pool owners across the nation already know and trust the ASP name, and when your company truck pulls up into their driveway, your customers will know they can expect professional, quality service from you.

Franchise fees and royalties should not scare you away from learning how to start a pool cleaning business with ASP. Franchising is a rewarding business opportunity because you get the benefits of being your own boss without sacrificing the solid support of a reputable brand name. Plus, ASP offers perks to its locations that perform well - the better your franchise does, the lower your royalty rate will be. Over the years as you operate your business, the buying power alone is enough to make up for the initial franchise fees. Franchises often do better than other start-up businesses, and with ASP’s proven recipe for success, your pool service franchise will have everything it needs to flourish.

How Do I Know if Franchising is Right for Me?

The decision to purchase a franchise is a personal one that requires time, research, and some introspective thinking. Be honest with yourself and consider your answers to questions such as: Do you want to be your own boss? Can you lead and train employees? Are you the type of person who can comply with company standards? If your answers to these types of questions are “yes”, then the next step is to let ASP show you how to start a pool cleaning business of your own.

Another way to discover whether ASP franchise ownership is a good fit for you is to read reviews from other franchisees. America’s Swimming Pool Company is one of the nation’s leading companies in franchisee satisfaction, and ASP owners will be the first to tell you why they are so happy with their partnership with the company. Graham Banks, owner of the ASP Jupiter, FL location has this to say about his experience:

"ASP is a professional, reliable and trustworthy organization. Before joining ASP, I looked at tons of different franchise groups and organizations and none of them made me feel the way ASP does. I know they have my back and will support me and help me in any way they can. What drew me to ASP was the professionalism and the technology, which was something completely new for the profession. I got really excited about understanding how I could use that to change the perception of the pool industry within my community."

Click here to read more franchise owner testimonials to get a better idea of what an ASP franchising opportunity might hold in store for you.

Why Choose ASP When Learning How to Start a Pool Cleaning Business?

America’s Swimming Pool Company is committed to superior service to customers as well as ASP franchise owners. No other pool maintenance company provides the level of support that ASP offers. You do not need any prior experience with swimming pool cleaning or maintenance, because ASP teaches franchisees everything they need to know. Once you decide to join the nation’s most respected pool service franchise, you will receive training and education at ASP Pool School to prepare you for serving your new clients. Pool School is held at ASP’s 20,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility in Macon, GA, where the company’s headquarters are located. Click here to view a virtual tour of the ASP Pool School training facilities.

You will continue to receive support from ASP even after the completion of your intensive 12-day training period at Pool School. ASP’s finely tuned business model helps franchises start off strong and keep growing for the long run. ASP franchise owners enjoy many advantages over their competition, including an integrated customer system, PoolOps mobile software, and support for operations, accounting, and technical issues. If you want to learn how to start a pool cleaning business, ASP is the only organization that provides all the tools you need to create a successful establishment.

America’s Swimming Pool Co.

America’s Swimming Pool Co. is a trusted leader in the swimming pool industry, with a well-established brand and a widely respected reputation across the United States. The ASP name is synonymous with the highest quality pools, supplies, and maintenance technicians. ASP’s pool service and maintenance franchise was recently ranked #84 overall in Entrepreneur Magazine’s 2020 Franchise 500, and has been included in that list of elite companies every year since 2011. These achievements are due to the fact that America’s Swimming Pool Co. is committed to your success, because the success of the entire company depends on it. It is for this reason that ASP has put the structure in place to support your franchise. ASP provides you with unparalleled training, as well as all of the tools, technology, and marketing materials you need. Additionally, ASP gives you guidance and technical support anytime you need it. You can take control of your destiny by learning how to start a pool cleaning business with ASP. When you are ready to take the next step toward running a business of your own, ASP will make sure you are fully equipped to get the most out of your investment. Call ASP today to learn more about purchasing a pool maintenance franchise.


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