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How Starting a Pool Cleaning Business Makes You an Essential Service Provider

In light of recent challenges, Americans are finding comfort in doing some of the things they enjoy most about summertime. Firing up the grill, spending time with family, and playing with the kids in the pool are all ways that people are taking advantage of their time at home together. With so much time being spent in the backyard and in the swimming pool, families need to be sure their pool water is safe and clean. In fact, the cleaning and maintenance of their swimming pools is the last thing about which Americans should be worried. The pool should be a place to relax, have fun, and create lasting memories; it should not become another source of stress. Pool owners that hire a service company to manage their swimming pool’s upkeep get to focus on enjoying the water, rather than dealing with the extra work and hassle of cleaning and maintenance. America’s Swimming Pool Company – ASP is the leading pool service provider in the country and has franchise opportunities available for qualified individuals. Commercial and residential pool owners count on ASP to keep their pools sparkling and safe, and by starting a pool cleaning business with ASP, you could achieve your financial goals by fulfilling their needs.

Constant Demand for Pool Care

A common misconception about swimming pools is that they only need to be maintained during the summer months. The truth is, proper care and maintenance should happen year-round to keep a pool in optimal condition. ASP offers pool cleaning, maintenance, and renovation services to customers across the nation every day of the year. The company’s reputation for superior service is a result of its outstanding swimming pool care professionals and their commitment to excellence in everything they do.

The pool industry is worth $15 billion, and only half of the nation’s 11 million swimming pools receive professional maintenance. The market presents a significant margin for growth, and as a franchise owner with America’s Swimming Pool Company, you could capitalize on it. In addition to the financial rewards, owning an ASP franchise allows business owners to contribute to the safety and quality of life of their community. Starting a pool cleaning business with ASP would give you the chance to help families enjoy their time together outdoors, while staying safe and worry-free.

ASP – An Essential Service Provider

Throughout the ongoing development of the COVID-19 pandemic, America’s Swimming Pool Company has remained open and operational to meet the needs of its clients. ASP is considered an essential service provider and continues to help pool owners care for their pools during this time of challenge and uncertainty. Outdoor recreation has become even more of an important part of everyday life for many people in recent months. Families who are looking for a way to cool off and enjoy their own backyards this summer can turn to their local ASP team for all of their pool related needs.

Coronavirus Update

ASP franchises remain fully operational and will continue to provide their customers with exceptional services including pool cleaning, maintenance, and renovation. If you are considering starting a pool cleaning business, there is no reason to hesitate or put off your entrepreneurial goals. ASP takes every precaution to ensure the safety of its clients and pool technicians, including:

  • Having team members stay home if they are sick

  • Eliminating physical contact between clients and team members (e.g. no hand shakes)

  • Asking customers who are sick to stay indoors while ASP technicians are present

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, “there is no evidence that COVID-19 can be spread to humans through the use of pools and hot tubs. Proper operation, maintenance, and disinfection (e.g., with chlorine and bromine) of pools and hot tubs should remove or inactivate the virus that causes COVID-19.”

With proper chemical levels, scheduled cleanings, and routine equipment inspection, swimming pools can be a healthy place for people to exercise, play, and relax. ASP franchisees help families make the most of their time at home by keeping their pools in the best possible condition.

Starting a Pool Cleaning Business With ASP

With the demand for essential services like swimming pool maintenance, now is the right time to pursue your options in the industry. America’s Swimming Pool Company is the top pool service franchisor in the nation. Since its founding in 2002, ASP has been perfecting its business model with high quality, professional pool maintenance. As a result, hundreds of franchise owners have found success with ASP’s clear and proven strategies.

ASP franchise owners get to enjoy all the perks of being their own boss without forgoing the support they need for their business. You can set up your office in your home, hire your own employees, and create a schedule that gives you a comfortable work/life balance. Just like anything that’s worth doing, ASP ownership requires hard work and effort. However, it’s a career path that offers fulfillment and financial independence. Click here for more information on what makes ASP stand out among other franchise opportunities.

Franchisee Testimonial

Reviews and testimonials can provide valuable insight when you are researching starting a pool cleaning business. The experiences of other franchise owners will give you an idea of what you might be able to expect as you begin your own ASP operation. According to the Franchise Business Review, ASP is one of the best franchises in the country in terms of franchisee satisfaction, and the company’s owners won’t hesitate to share their stories with you.

Trevor Moore is the owner of the ASP location in Pensacola, FL. He explains how ASP has propelled his business and his confidence to new heights:

“[ASP franchise ownership] has given me more opportunity in my life than anyone could have ever given me. It took me from knowing nothing about the industry into being confident in knowing what I'm doing and growing at a pace that no other business could have allowed me to grow at. ASP has given me freedom that I haven't had in the past and it’s opened up more doors for my family. The support they provide has given me more tools than I could have ever imagined, I went from hardly knowing anything about the industry to owning my own business and feeling confident in what I’m doing.”

Starting a pool cleaning business with ASP has proven to be rewarding for many hard working entrepreneurs. You can learn more about the experiences of current ASP franchisees on the ASP testimonial page.

ASP’s Commitment to Your Success

America’s Swimming Pool Company presents rich opportunities for entrepreneurs from varying backgrounds. Whether you are new to the pool industry or have worked around them for years, a partnership with ASP will help you achieve success as a business owner. The organization equips its franchise owners with the resources and tools they need to grow a thriving business. At ASP’s world-class training facilities at the company’s headquarters in Macon, GA, new franchise owners learn the ins and outs of pool cleaning, maintenance, and repair techniques. The 12-day intensive training program helps franchisees become knowledgeable, confident, certified pool and spa operators.

In addition to their comprehensive training and preparation, franchise owners also benefit from the company’s turnkey business systems. When opening a business on your own, it can be challenging to work out the kinks while trying to serve clients. America’s Swimming Pool Company takes the hassle out of starting a pool cleaning business by providing a plan that has been fine-tuned over two decades. ASP franchisees receive continuous support including resources for accounting, bookkeeping, and operations. Manager training, peer review sessions, regional round-table meetings, and annual franchise gatherings are also part of the ASP support system. When you are a member of the ASP team, you will always have the tools you need to grow your business.

Join America’s Leader in Pool Care

When the world feels like it’s turned upside down, people take comfort in getting outside and doing the things they enjoy. Summer’s heat is upon us, and in many neighborhoods, you can hear the sounds of fun and splashing coming from backyard pools around the block. Every one of those swimming pools needs to be properly maintained so that families and their loved ones can enjoy the water safely. The services that ASP provides are essential and have been fully operational and continuously in demand even as the novel coronavirus has spread throughout communities nationwide. Nothing is more important to ASP than the safety and satisfaction of its customers and franchise owners, and that is why ASP will continue to provide pool owners with the superior service they deserve.

If you are interested in starting a pool cleaning business, America’s Swimming Pool Company could be the right fit for you. Franchising with ASP allows you to run a business that Americans already know and trust. With locations in 400 cities across the U.S. (and counting), ASP is the pool service industry leader. Contact ASP to find out how you can take the next steps toward a brighter future.


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