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Promising Growth Expected for Pool Cleaning Industry

During COVID-19, America witnessed a surge in demand for private pools. Pool cleaning companies thrived accordingly – barely keeping up with requests. Now that vaccine efforts have rolled out and public spaces are reopening, the travel and recreation industry is booming. Hotels and public recreations managers that drained or neglected their pools (to avoid paying the costs of upkeep) are refilling them. Temporarily out of order, these pools will need to be regularly serviced and maintained again. With the return of these commercial pools and the continuing rise of private pools, the future for the pool cleaning industry looks promising.

After moderate growth during the last half-decade, this is a welcoming shift. As noted onIBIS World, the pool industry recently endured a lukewarm stretch, with the market size in the US declining “3.1% per year on average between 2016 and 2021.” Fortunately, this downward trend is projected to reverse starkly. Ibis World expects a 25% increase in market size by the end of 2021, citing the industry’s “medium-low growth risk score” and the rise of “disposable income per capita” as primary factors. Economic experts also predict a resurgence in consumer spending. These trends present prime opportunities for pool cleaning franchisees to generate new revenue streams as the market expands.

Pool Cleaning Is a Steady, Resilient Industry You Can Rely On

Starting a pool business in 2021 is a great idea. In many ways, the COVID pandemic helped the industry. While quarantining, many homeowners realized how rewarding a refreshing backyard pool is. With nowhere to go, swimming at home became a prized luxury. The desire for private swimming options drove up the demand for pools, and sales skyrocketed.

These newly built pools will need to be serviced for decades to come. With long lifespans, built-in/underground pools are seldom demolished or filled in. Unlike other amenities that are easily tossed out, traded away, or impounded, old pools tend to get renovated to avoid the difficulty and cost of removal. Given the rapid rate at which new pools are being installed, it is easy to deduce that pool cleaning services will thrive as the number of customers multiplies.

Pool Innovations Will Boost Business

The rise of private pools is not the only force propelling the pool industry. New technologies are transforming the sector as well. Customer relationship management programs (CRMs) will make organizing requests and clients much easier. Providing smart data analytics and metrics that detail how customers behave, CRMs will help ASP - America's Swimming Pool Company refine, improve, and streamline our business management strategies. We are excited to adopt these cutting-edge tools as they emerge.

Automation software and technological advancements in pool parts are also projected to arrive within the next decade. The ability to remotely monitor pools with automated systems will make a significant impact. By centralizing our control panels and offering constant updates, these remote monitoring technologies will expedite the number and frequency of pool service requests by providing 24/7 alerts.

Industry-Wide Consolidation Efforts Are Critical

For decades, as other home service sectors successfully consolidated, the stagnant pool industry remained fragmented – a scattered collection of small ‘mom and pop’ businesses. Recently, however, the push to raise the standards of professionalism across the industry has made tremendous strides. Our ASP - America's Swimming Pool Company model is at the forefront of this movement. By creating a culture where certification, licensing, brand recognition, dependability, and quality training truly matter, we have elevated the optics and prices surrounding pool cleaning services.

Our focus is forward-oriented. Improving our products, knowledge, and approach, we have created net benefits for consumers and the industry alike. Our upgraded and far superior services have helped build an industry that now offers respectful wages, benefits, and career paths to young professionals. With a workforce composed of specialized technicians who must undergo complex training courses, forming a culture that respects and pays more for high-quality professionals has been critical. That is why we value the technical merit of our pool specialists and successfully preach their value every day.

Franchising Is a Key Part of Modernizing Our Industry

As the nation’s leading pool cleaning franchise, ASP - America's Swimming Pool Company offers a proven playbook. With time-tested systems that scale, capital to grow, and brand recognition, franchising with us is a fantastic option. Instead of doing everything yourself, let us provide:

  • A ten-week advertising and marketing plan
  • A comprehensive training program on our beautiful campus
  • A helpful network of vendors and partners
  • Digital platforms
  • State-of-the-art marketing tools
  • A modernized business model that works

With so many aids, you will finally be free to focus on delivering superb retail service. The pool services market is about to explode. With merely 40 percent of America’s pools currently utilizing a pool cleaning service, now is the time to start the voyage of a lifetime!

Give our friendly ASP staff a call at (800) 734-7886 or contact us online to find out how we can help you open up the franchise of your dreams and succeed in the pool industry!


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