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The Importance of Wintertime Pool Maintenance

November 15, 2021

Pool Care for Every Season

When it comes to both in-ground and above-ground pools, pool care and maintenance should be conducted year-round – even during winter. Contrary to common belief, pool maintenance is especially integral when the weather turns chilly. At ASP – America’s Swimming Pool Company, we take pride in being local pool care specialists our customers can rely on, regardless of the season.

Neglecting a pool during colder months can lead to many problems, including:

  • Higher repair costs
  • Corrosion to the pool’s finish and equipment
  • The increased possibility of nasty stains
  • The growth of bacteria and unhealthy germs
  • And so much more!

For many pool owners in more temperate markets, the swimming season is year-round. A pool heater is another tool pool owners use to make winter swimming viable. Whether a customer closes their pool for winter or not, the same universal truth remains: Pools require consistent maintenance to stay durable and in top condition.

The Importance of Servicing Pools During Winter

There are many reasons why pool care and pool maintenance are essential during the winter season. For one, many pool cleaning accessories and gadgets have temperature limits: If a robotic cleaning device services a freezing pool, it can be severely damaged and even become defective. Wintertime pool care is also convenient, inspiring many pool owners to upgrade/address pool issues during the off-season. Fixing aesthetic/functional problems during winter is a great way to ensure that a pool is in prime shape once the weather warms again.

Wintertime service is a wise precaution that will safeguard your pool against corrosion. When the weather cools, water freezes, and air contracts, cracking and peeling can occur. Therefore, when the pool season returns, many pool owners are distraught to find signs of significant erosion incurred due to neglect. In contrast to the high costs of resulting repairs, professional maintenance is a cost-effective alternative – mitigating the likelihood of expensive surprises.

Professional Wintertime Pool Care Services

To conserve water, help retain the shape of their pool, and/or prevent surface cracks, pool owners often avoid draining their swimming pool before winter. If you do decide to drain your pool, we highly recommend receiving professional assistance. After all, many pool warranties will become invalid if you fail to hire a professional to drain your pool. While draining a pool, there are essential steps to take to prevent freeze-related damage. It is critical to ensure that the heater, filter, and pump are all drained and that the water line is below the pool skimmer. Failing to do so involves a high risk of damaging expensive pieces of equipment during cold nights.

For pools that remain undrained, we offer regular services to guarantee everything stays shipshape. Our wintertime services include:

  • Balancing chemical & pH levels – When not in constant circulation, water’s need for chlorine decreases. Nevertheless, the water chemistry should always remain balanced and tested weekly. It is equally integral to check that pH levels stay between 7.0 and 7.4. Monitoring chemical levels and maintaining the correct pH balance is the best way to prevent corrosion and keep your swimming pool water healthy.
  • Combating algae growth – Algae may slow down in winter, but we still recommend monitoring growth. In many of our markets, winter temperatures regularly reach 60°-80° F. These warm daytime temperatures can cultivate algae spores. By staying on top of chlorine levels and applying small doses of algaecide at least once per week, we can maintain clean pool water.
  • Chlorinating water – The appearance of clean, clear, and inviting water can deceive many pool owners. Such appearances only indicate a decrease in visible algae and bacteria. Invisible bacteria can thrive in winter – undetected by the naked eye. During the winter, adding chlorine is still pivotal. However, the amount of chlorine and the frequency of treatments should be reduced. Generally, we recommend adding chlorine three times a week in winter and every day in summer. We also suggest elevating chlorine levels to between 10 and 13 parts per million (ppm) to prevent bacterial buildup. Our elite technicians perform these services for many clients all year long. 

The reliable demand for wintertime pool care should be a reassuring factor for aspiring pool care franchise owners. It proves that our industry is perennially robust and that revenue streams continue – regardless of local temperatures. 

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