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Learn About ASP’s Commitment to Clean Water & How it Helps Our Franchisees

Clean Water Matters

Ever since ASP - America's Swimming Pool Company was founded in 2002, we have remained committed to clean water. Grateful for the opportunity to service our customers’ pools every day, we truly believe that Clean Water Matters – both locally and on a global scale. That is why we are thrilled to be partnering with OneWorld Health (OWH) – an organization dedicated to serving international communities who need clean water and healthcare. As our founder and CEO, Stewart Vernon, recently stated: “Clean water is very important to our franchise owners and to our customers each and every day. By partnering with OneWorld Health, ASP is joining a movement to provide quality, affordable healthcare to people in need.”

We Believe Everyone Deserves Access to Clean Water

At ASP - America's Swimming Pool Company, we feel blessed to be the nation’s largest pool cleaning franchise network. Servicing pools and spas in over 400 cities across 22 states, our hard work has provided us with a large platform to leave a far-reaching humanitarian imprint on the world. The decision to join forces with OWH to deliver clean water and healthcare to the developing world was easy. We firmly believe that someone’s birth country should not hinder their opportunities to access healthcare.

However, people struggle to find clean, potable water every day. The numbers of the global water crisis are staggering:

  • Approximately 7.8 million people lack access to clean water
  • More than 5 million people die due to diarrheal disease resulting from unsafe drinking water each year
  • Millions of people have inadequate water supplies for hygiene and sanitation
  • Over 6% of deaths are caused annually by insufficient water, sanitation, and hygiene
  • Nearly half the global population lives on less than $2 per day

OneWorld Health’s Noble Mission

OWH is an organization that looks beyond short-term relief and toward lasting medical interventions. Opening sustainable medical centers with cost-effective services in East Asia and Central America, OWH’s mission is to empower the developing world by providing direct access to first-rate healthcare. Our current goal is to help OWH raise enough funding to develop a clean water source for 10 OneWorld Health hospitals. As ambassadors working to advance the Clean Water Matters movement, we are also active on social media – reposting and sharing our mission’s hashtags: #cleanwatermatters, #aspcares, and #aspgives.

How Philanthropy Helps ASP's Franchisees

You may be wondering how providing clean water to faraway communities benefits our franchisees. Here’s how:

  • A Sense of Purpose – Bringing our entire franchise network together behind a single cause, our philanthropic collaboration with OWH is excellent for company morale. Knowing that hard work is contributing to a greater good is also known to boost employee engagement: infusing passion and positive energy into daily operations.
  • Brand Awareness — Another benefit of giving back is that it boosts brand recognition for all the right reasons. As noted in a recent Forbes article, customers prefer to buy from “charitable companies” that use earnings to help change the world. Our Clean Water Matters movement is also visible on social media, YouTube, and traditional media. By purposefully sharing our story and commitment to this cause, we associate our brand name with altruistic connotations.
  • Community Engagement — Our partnership with OWH offers franchisees incredible opportunities to get involved in their community. By creating fundraising events and spreading awareness on social media, franchisees can elevate their local presence by building lasting relationships with customers and neighbors.
  • Brand Identity – We chose this specific charitable foundation because of how nicely it aligned with our daily business: Water is everything at ASP - America's Swimming Pool Company and what we know best. By transforming lives through sharing earth’s most precious lifeline, we knew we could do good while simultaneously sticking to our core values: integrity, ingenuity, and goodwill.

We go above and beyond to see every member of our ASP family succeed! For more information about joining our team, call (800) 734-7886 today!


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